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Fort Recovery Industries Your Trusted Aluminum Die Casting Manufacturer

Fort Recovery Industries, Inc. has provided innovative casting solutions since 1945. We are one of the few fully integrated, single-source aluminum die casters that offer expertise from design through finishing, assembly, and logistics. In addition, we offer a variety of alloy options for almost any use case, including A380, 383, 413, Hi-Mag 380.


Conveniently located in the heart of the midwest, an hour northwest of Dayton, Ohio, Fort Recovery Industries ships over 55 million parts globally every year. Over 180 active customers trust Fort recovery industries in industries ranging from automotive, appliances, plumbing, electrical, furniture, and more.

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The Fort Recovery Industries Advantage

Unparalleled Collaborative Engineering Support

We understand the importance of optimizing your designs for die casting. Our team of experienced engineers is ready to collaborate with you, offering support and guidance to ensure your parts perform optimally while minimizing production costs. Our engineering support includes:

  • DFM & Producibility Process
  • Material selection guidance
  • Tooling design and development
  • Technical support and debugging

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

At Fort Recovery Industries, we maintain a rigorous quality control system throughout our die casting operations to ensure your products meet the highest industry standards. Our commitment to quality is evident in the following:

  • Our ISO 9001:2015 certification for Aluminum Castings
  • Ongoing internal and external audits
  • The use of high-precision inspection equipment
  • Continuous improvement initiatives to enhance quality and efficiency

Extensive Aluminum Die Casting Capabilities 

Our 18 cutting-edge Horizontal Cold Chamber Machines with 525 Ton through 1500 Ton capacities allow us to provide an annual aluminum die casting capacity of over 12 million pounds. Our leadership is committed to reinvestment and continues to make substantial investments in new die cast machines to ensure ever-expanding capacity. By combining advanced machining and software with our decades of expertise, we can achieve:

  • Complex geometries and tight tolerances
  • High repeatability and consistency
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Cost-effective production

Comprehensive In-House Secondary Services

Our extensive in-house services are designed to streamline the process of delivering finished parts from a single source while maintaining exceptional quality control. By keeping all needed functions under one roof, we can ensure timely delivery, cost savings, and seamless integration of all aluminum die casting services, including:

  • Precision CNC machining and tapping
  • Deburring and surface finishing
  • Surface treatments such as plating, painting, and powder coating
  • Assembly and sub-assembly
  • Packaging & Logistics Support

Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

Our exceptional customer retention is a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest quality aluminum die cast components to our clients. By choosing Fort Recovery Industries, you can always expect:

  • A comprehensive and streamlined production approach
  • Expert engineering support and collaboration
  • Unmatched precision and consistency in die casting manufacturing
  • A steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Encounter the Fort Recovery difference for yourself by entrusting us with your aluminum die casting needs. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and explore how our die casting capabilities can elevate your products to new heights.

Fort Recovery Industries Aluminum Die Casting FAQs

What is aluminum die casting?

Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process that involves the high-pressure injection of molten aluminum into a precision-engineered mold or die. This method enables the production of complex, accurately shaped components with tight tolerances and smooth surface finishes. Once the molten aluminum is injected into the die, it solidifies rapidly, taking on the precise shape of the mold cavity. Upon cooling, the finished part is extracted, and any excess material or flash is removed. Aluminum die casting is widely employed across various industries, as it offers numerous advantages such as lightweight yet strong components, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, aluminum die casting allows for efficient and cost-effective production of high-quality parts with minimal post-casting machining required.

What industries commonly use aluminum die cast components?

Aluminum die cast components are extensively employed across a variety of industries due to their versatile properties, lightweight nature, and cost-effectiveness. Some key industries that utilize aluminum die cast parts include automotive, where components such as engine parts, chassis elements, and heat sinks benefit from aluminum's lightweight and durable characteristics. The aerospace sector also relies on aluminum die cast components for aircraft structures, engine components, and interior parts, thanks to their strength, corrosion resistance, and weight-saving properties. In the electronics industry, aluminum die castings are used for applications such as electronic housings, heat sinks, and connectors, primarily due to their excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Other industries that commonly use aluminum die cast components range from telecommunications, medical, and consumer goods to lighting, where aluminum's unique combination of properties offers significant advantages in product performance and reliability.

What are the key benefits of aluminum die casting compared to other casting methods?

Aluminum die casting offers a multitude of advantages that make it a preferred choice for many industries. With its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum provides lightweight yet durable components that can significantly improve product performance. Our approach also allows for high dimensional accuracy and intricate design capabilities, enabling the creation of complex parts with minimal need for post-casting machining. 

Aluminum die castings possess exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity, making them suitable for heat sinks and electrical applications. The corrosion-resistant nature of aluminum ensures long-lasting components that require minimal maintenance. The recyclability of aluminum also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing operation.

What types of aluminum alloys do you work with, and how do they differ in properties?

We work with the following aluminum alloys: 360, A360, 380, 383, 384, B390, 13, A13, 43, and 218. The aluminum alloy options we offer differ in strength, elongation, hardness, density, thermal performance and conductivity, and electrical conductivity. For questions regarding the best alloys for your project feel free to call 419.375.4121. Click here to download Aluminum Alloy Properties Chart. Click here to download Aluminum Alloy Composition Chart.

Can you accommodate complex and intricate part designs with aluminum die casting?

Leveraging our advanced machinery, combined with our proprietary processes, and engineering expertise, allows us to accomplish intricate part designs with stringent tolerances, exceptional repeatability, and uniformity. To learn more about our methodology visit

What quality control measures do you have in place to ensure consistency and reliability in the die casting process?

We have implemented robust quality control measures to guarantee consistency and reliability in our die casting process. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 and IATF certified, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the highest industry standards. Our approach to quality assurance includes utilizing advanced technology, such as real-time process monitoring, as well as employing rigorous inspection and testing procedures at each stage of production. 

Additionally, we continuously invest in employee training and development to ensure our team members possess the skills and expertise required to maintain exceptional quality standards. By adhering to these stringent measures, we strive to deliver consistently reliable die cast components to our customers. To learn more about our quality visit

Do you offer secondary services, such as finishing, machining, or assembly, for aluminum die cast components?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of secondary services for aluminum die cast components, ensuring that our clients receive complete end-to-end solutions. These services include finishing, machining, and assembly to meet the specific requirements of each project. Our in-house operations enable us to maintain strict quality control, reduce lead times, and provide a seamless experience for our customers. By offering these additional services, we can deliver fully-integrated, high-quality aluminum die cast components tailored to your unique needs. See our secondary in-house operations page for a full list of services

How does your company prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in the aluminum die casting process?

At Fort Recovery Industries, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our commitment begins with the efficient use of resources and energy during the casting process, as well as the implementation of advanced technologies to reduce waste and emissions. We also prioritize the use of recycled aluminum, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with sourcing raw materials. In addition, our finishing and waste management systems are designed to minimize environmental impact by adhering to strict industry standards and regulations. By continuously striving to improve our processes and practices, we aim to deliver high-quality, eco-friendly aluminum die cast components to our clients. To learn more about our environmental commitments, visit