China Operation

ft recovery industries in china

Gao Yao KunGi Hardware Co., Ltd.
JinDu Industrial Park, Gao Yao City
GuangDong Province, 526108, China
128,000 Sq Ft

Fort Recovery Industries formed a China joint venture with KunGi Hardware Company in 2007. KunGi was originally established in Taiwan in 1984. In 2003 the operation was relocated to a new manufacturing campus in GaoYao, Guangdong, China (Southern China).

Our China operation features in-house casting, machining, buffing/polishing, plating, powder coating, and assembly operations. Plumbing, Appliance, Furniture, and Automotive customers are served worldwide. Plating operations were added in 2008 providing superior chrome plate finishes in traditional Hexavalent Chrome and Trivalent Chrome. Specialty brushing and plating yield decorative and cost competitive finishes such as Simulated Stainless Steel, Brushed Nickel, Brushed Copper, Rose Gold, and Black Chrome to name a few.

Whether your product is better suited for production at one of our U.S. facilities or at KunGi, the entire transaction: engineering, design, quality control, inventory management, shipping, and invoicing is handled exclusively with our operational team in Ohio. Our U.S. strengths combined with our China operation provides global competitiveness with proven performance!

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