Delta Dental

Fort Recovery Industries, Inc. is offering a dental plan through Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier. The chart below is a brief outline of the plan.

Common FAQ’s:

Will I receive a Dental Card?

No. Dental cards are optional with Delta Dental but not necessary. To use your dental insurance, you simply tell the provider that you have coverage through Delta Dental and the provider will look you up using the plan holder’s social security number. If you prefer a dental card, you can print one off by logging into the ‘Member Portal’ (please see the attached document titled ‘Member Portal’) or asking HR for assistance.

Is my dentist in network?

To check if your dentist is in network head to Dentist Finder on Delta Dental’s website. You will be able to customize your search by specialty, location, and dentist. When searching for dentists be sure to select either ‘Delta Dental PPO’ or ‘Delta Dental Premier’ in the ‘Plan Network’ dropdown (For additional help please see the attached document titled ‘Finding a Participating Dentist’).

What if my dentist is not in network?

You may use any dentist for your dental services; however, using an in-network provider will reduce your out-of-pocket costs. If you choose to use an out-of-network provider, you will be subject to balance billing. Meaning, that you will be responsible for paying the difference between their in-network rate and the out-of-network rate.

What specific services are covered under our plan?

To see specific services covered under our plan and other important information please see the attached ‘Summary Plan Document’ located at the bottom of the page.