Supervisor- Machining (PCP)

By February 1, 2021Job Openings

Scope: The Supervisor- Machining (PCP) will be responsible for producing quality products in a cost effective, timely, and safe manner, and at the same time, achieve employee job satisfaction. The Supervisor- Machining (PCP) is responsible for the overall supervision of the Machining Department.

Duties and Resposibilities: 

Responsibilities for this position may include, but not be limited too

  • Overall supervisory responsibilities for producing quality products in a cost effective, timely and safe manner.
  • Provide guidance through technical expertise and knowledge of department to Engineering, Sales/Marketing, and Purchasing.
  • Plans, directs, and controls all Machining operations in accordance with priorities established in production scheduling.
  • Maintains close personal observation of departmental  operations to ensure work is being completed as scheduled and that manpower, skills, equipment, and facilities are being used properly.
  • Communicates pertinent information to employees directly supervised and management team members on a timely basis.
  • Leads continuous improvement efforts through individual and/or team efforts that drive quality, safety, and productivity improvements.

Specifications:  Candidates for the Supervisor- Machining (PCP) position should have prior supervisory or leadership experience with 3 – 5 years of manufacturing experience, strong understand of SPC and GD&T, ability to create, edit and program CNC machines, etc.