Supervisor – Machining

By October 8, 2021Job Openings


The Machining Supervisor is responsible for the overall supervision of the Machining Department.  This responsibility includes the direct supervision of all shifts with the assistance of department leads and Shift Supervisors; the proper maintenance of the department’s facilities and equipment; setup; and material handling.  The Supervisor – Machining will provide guidance through his technical expertise and knowledge of his department to Engineering, Sales/Marketing, and Purchasing.




1.         Plans, directs, and controls all Machining operations in accordance with priorities established in production scheduling and by the VP-Manufacturing in line with established standards.  This includes setup, material handling, and production as time allows.

  1. Reviews production schedules and ensures that the availability of tools, supplies, and raw materials are adequate to meet those schedules.
  2. Ensures, with assistance from Maintenance, that the equipment/tooling is maintained properly.
  3. Maintains close personal observation of departmental operations to ensure work is being completed as scheduled and that manpower, skills, equipment, and facilities are being used properly.  Maintains a high visibility within the department.
  4. Communicates with employees on the second and third shift concerning job assignment, scheduling, and quality.
  5. Works to identify and implement improved work methods, processes, and equipment operations pertaining to the Machining Department.
  6. Participates in ensuring regulatory compliance associated with the department supervised.
  7. Checks for and maintains proper quality. Works with Quality Assurance on quality standards and quality problems.  Leads or give primary assistance in the development of corrective actions (i.e 8D’s).
  8. Recommends appropriate changes in staffing.  Participates directly in employee interviews and selection.
  9.      Communicates pertinent information to employees directly supervised and management team members on a timely basis.  Works to build a team effort and spirit.
  10. Maintains awareness of plant policies and procedures and ensures proper adherence to them.
  11. Works to develop training programs and methods specific to the tasks and equipment in the Machining Department.  Develops, trains, and motivates employees to maximize efficiency, productivity, cooperation, and morale.  Makes sure employees know what is expected of them and how they are doing on the job.
  12. Ensures that suggestions, problems, and complaints of employees directly supervised are resolved according to the established policies.
  13. Ensures that all employees directly supervised and the department’s equipment and materials conform to all appropriate health and safety rules and regulations.  Investigates accidents and initiates action to prevent further occurrences.  Maintains good housekeeping in the area of responsibility.
  14. Facilitates tooling, equipment, and technology upgrades through the involvement outside vendors and resources.
  15. Leads continuous improvement efforts through individual and/or team efforts that drive quality, safety, and productivity improvements.  Investigates cost variances that are identified and recommends actions to improve or correct standards.
  16. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1.   High school graduate.

  1. Three to five years of manufacturing experience.
  2. Ability to organize, direct, and motivate people.
  3. Must possess the technical aptitude to handle the responsibilities of the position.
  4. Advanced degree or certificate in business or technology field.
  5. Experience in machining with a working knowledge of the machinery and technology applicable to the processes.
  6. Prior supervisory or leadership positions is a plus


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