Die Casting Technician – Starting at $18.75

By November 17, 2021Job Openings

Die Casting Technician

  1. Sets up die cast machine following standard procedures using overhead crane to load die.  Wears protective clothin as required.
  2. Adjusts die cast machine controls to predetermined settings listed on set up sheets.
  3. Connects cooling lines and check for leaks and proper operation.
  4. Sets up and adjusts die lubrication system.
  5. Adjusts nozzle torches to maintain proper temperature.
  6. Sets up trim die and adjusts trim press following standard procedures.
  7. Sets up robotic arm operation following standard procedures for proper safe operation.
  8. Monitors all systems and oversees the operation of the die cast machine and associated equipment, reporting any problems to supervisor.
  9. Operates trim press or performs any other secondary operations required.
  10. Inspects castings for quality standards.
  11. Maintains good housekeeping practices.
  12. Performs all duties in a safe manner. Inspects all safety devices regularly and reports any hazards.



Mentally alert, considerable initiative and sound judgement.

Attentive to detail.

Mechanical aptitude.

Good coordination of sight and hand movements.

Helpful if they have some background in die casting or maintenance.

Helpful if they have some basic knowledge in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical.

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